Monday, August 28, 2017
By Annie Marie Photography
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Who decided that headshots needed to be boring? Well certainly not me!

Creating your headshots isn't just a one and done deal anymore. Sure it used to be you just needed a good shot for your business card. But now? Well it is a totally different game. With the internet and social media being the top runner for marketing yourself and communicating to the world, we need to show more personality. Show that we are approachable, yet a professional. We need to tell a story within an image or set of images. We need several images that coordinate throughout our social media presence. Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google.. not to mention any printed collateral.

I have a couple different headshot packages to choose from. A simple one where we get you the basics, and The Image Builder Package where we work together to create a whole series of images that work together to tell your story. Everything about your images needs to coordinate with your message from colors to clothing, to location to mood.

These images are of a dear friend of mine, Kelly Lucente, who also happens to be a brand guru and the go-to lady if your business needs anything brand and marketing to set you apart in the marketplace. She has worked with people nationally from small businesses to large corporations to launch themselves in their market. Like really... she's awesome sauce with awesome sauce on top! You can find her at

We have one chance at a first impression... what are your headshots saying about you?

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styled session feature with ali {Minneapolis senior photographer}
Monday, August 07, 2017
By Annie Marie Photography
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I have adored Ali since I met her at 5 years old. Back then, I had fun photographing her with bunnies and her older brothers. Just waiting for the day she would be a senior! I was so excited to get that call that it was time.. and that she chose me to capture this time in her life!!! She is adorable and her mom is a human energy ball. Love them both. This is just one part of her session where she allowed me to style her. I had a vision of soft and airy. Dancing around in a pretty dress on the beach like the dancer she is. I loved how these turned out and how it showcases the soft and pretty side of Ali!!!

Enjoy xoxo

featured senior session - maddie {breck school}
Friday, May 26, 2017
By Annie Marie Photography
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I know I have said a bazillion times how much I L.O.V.E. working with the high school seniors. They are at such an amazing time in their lives between childhood and adulthood. The last year of being under their parents wings and ready to fly out into the huge world with their own. (oh the memories!)

I loved working with the gorgeous Maddie from Breck School. I am not quite sure she even has a clue how gorgeous she is! I got to work with her years ago when she was a little one. It was quite the shock to see this grown up woman walk in. She has the sweetest vibe and was willing to do most anything. She ROCKED her outfits and brought some super fun things to work with. 

One of her images just won a 3rd place award in a national photography magazine called Lemonade & Lenses (white blouse on couch below). So I KNOW what I am talking about when I say she has something extra special. Inside and out!!

Have a great summer Maddie and best of luck off in the huge world!! (I have no doubts you will do amazing things)




i will love you forever.... {minneapolis engagement photographer}
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
By Annie Marie Photography
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Oh love.

I LOVE love.

There couldn't be a better post for this Valentines Day...

These two are very special. Courtney is the daughter of a dear friend of mine, and her sweetie Jazz is just as adorable. And together? fa-get-about-it. We all got together at the new Hewing Hotel in downtown Minneapolis where they will be having their wedding festivities later this year. My mouth dropped open when I got to the lobby... I wanted to just hang there for hours! But this post is NOT about that amazing hotel.... it is all about this amazing couple. (oh, and that fabulous dog too.)

I love photographing couples on location in the twin cities. It makes the images more real and part of the couple & what they are about. It is important to me to capture the adoration, love and passion between couples. Courtney & Jazz have such a young innocence and love and it's fun to be a part of that. To just feel the vibe is intoxicating. I wish them many many years of intoxicating love and blessings!!



then & now
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
By Annie Marie Photography
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Wow. I feel old! I can hardly believe that I have been working here in MN long enough to watch these kids grow up! I have been having a lot of OMG moments these past couple years as these kids come in for senior portraits that I worked with 10 years ago when they were wee little ones. Many I have seen several times since then and some not at all, so you can imagine my shock when all of a sudden they are grown human beings taller than me!!

I wanted to share some of the fun shots that I grabbed from when they were little. Enjoy the transformations!

And if you have small children now.... don't blink!!! soon enough you will be calling me for senior portraits!!


jake 2006-2007

tatum 2007-2016

mitch 2007-2016

ben 2006-2016